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Q. Where do you get those photos?
A. The majority of our photos come from family, friends and business associates.

Q. Can I submit a photo?
A. Thanks, but at this time we prefer to lampoon our families and friends. Plus it allows us to tell the MikWright story through people associated with us.

Q. How did you get started with MikWright?
A. Take 2 parts smart-alec, one part creative farm kid, and one part military brat. Shake with a cocktail or two and some old photos, sarcasm and … voila!

Q. Why is there a cat hair in my shipment?
A. Rudy, the part-time office cat (see right), often lies around the shipping area when he is not biting his owner, Tim.

Q. Why can’t I find MikWright cards at big-box stores?
A. It isn’t for their lack of trying. We sell primarily to boutique stores on Main Street. We prefer to help, not hinder, the customers that have worked with us for nearly 2 decades. You will also find us in small regional chains.

Q. I want to start a greeting card business. Can you help?
A. Our advice is simple … attend a trade show to see if you can handle both the creative side and the business side. MikWright does not consult however wishes you well as you work through the maze to find your niche.

Q. Do your family members approve?
A. (If they want help in their old age, they will!) They love it! “Look what little Timmy and Phyllis did with their lives?”

Q. Is MikWright part of the green revolution?
A. You don’t even know. We have never purchased a packing peanut. We reuse boxes from local stores and gather packing supplies from whomever we can to avoid filling another dumpster.

Q. Why do people throw cigarette butts out the window?
A. Ask the tailgater or loud cell phone talker. They’re probably the same person.


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